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    Hi there and welcome. My name is Kimberly, the creator behind Wag-A-Tude Tags and all our fun dog tag designs. 

    Funny pet tags

    How did Wag-A-Tude Tags come about? 

    Well, I and my husband are lucky enough to be owned/loved/ruled by 2 Golden Retrievers and 2 Labradors. 

    They encouraged our passion for all things dog and we found ourselves wanting to treat them as much as we could. This desire to spoil them led to us running our own pet accessories business for over 8 years. We stocked and shipped 1000s of dog collars and pet tags to customers around the world. During this time we began to realise that all the pet ID tags we were shipping were all very similar and none of them truly showed off a pet's personality. 

    While pet ID is required by UK law, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! That's when we decided it was time to put our own stamp on the pet market and offer unique pet tags that showed off a pet's personality. Tags with Wag-A-Tude as it were! 

    We went through a long research process, we needed a tag that would look good, stand up to a dog’s adventures and allow us to offer the most customisations possible. After a lot of trial and error, eventually we found the perfect tag that was everything we needed and began creating tag designs based on our own dog’s personalities. Some of our first designs included:

    "Certified Food Thief - Cannot be Trusted!"
    "Grumpy But Gorgeous"
    "Not Fat, Just Fluffy"
    "Throw the Damn Ball!"

    We launched our website www.wagatudetags.com in 2013 to help keep pet’s safe in style. It's been a fun journey and we are loving every second of getting to know our customers and their pet's personalities.

     We hope you'll join us on our journey to create pet tags as unique as you and your pet!